Region 1

The Workforce Development Council of Alabama (WDCA) Region 1 serves the following counties: Colbert, Franklin, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Marion, and Winston.

2014-2015 Officers
Chair: Jonathan Hinton, Southwire, Email
Vice Chair: Mark Hankins, JoyGlobal
Secretary: Keith Jones, North Alabama Council of Local Governments

The WDCA works closely with the 2-year community college system. The community colleges are a major link to workforce training resources and programs. Click on the name of each community college to go to their website. Bevill State Community College and Northwest Shoals Community College.

Membership Roster

  2014 Voting Members 


Strategic Plan

  Region 1 Strategic Plan FY14-15


Workforce Reports
2015 State of the Workforce Report IX
  Region 1 Workforce IX Report
 Region 1 Workforce IX Brochure
2014 State of the Workforce Report VIII 

 Region 1 Workforce VIII Report 
  Region 1 Workforce VIII Brochure
  Region 1 Workforce VIII Tables

2013 State of the Workforce Report VII

  Region 1 Workforce VII Brochure
  Region 1 Workforce VII Report
  Region 1 Workforce VII Tables