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Meeting Dates

The Alabama Workforce Training Council (AWTC) will hold its next meeting on Wednesday, September 2, 2015.

Grant Opportunities

Keeping Alabama's workforce well-trained for current and future jobs is a top priority in Alabama. Applications for funds to address local workforce development needs are accepted for consideration twice a year. Proposed activities must support preparing individuals to enter employment or advance in high-wage, high-demand occupations and must align with the Workforce Development Councils of Alabama regional strategies and occupational needs. Priority will be given to projects that address specific and immediate training/hiring needs.

Only entities under the Alabama Community College System (ACCS) may be recipients of Department Postsecondary Education state workforce development funds; non-ACCS training service providers are eligible to receive these funds if partnered with an ACCS entity for fiscal agent services.

Grant Applications and Documents (Revised Forms Posted for FY16)
 Memorandum 2015-OWD-016: Revised Workforce Development Grant Applications and Guidelines (Please read to see changes made to grant applications and guidelines.)
  Project Guidelines and Application for Funds
 Fillable Form, Application for WFD Funds & Project Guidelines
FY2015-2016 Existing Industry Training Program (EITP) GRANT Application
  Existing Industry Training Program Grant
  Fillable Form, Existing Industry Training Program Grant
  Budget & Budget Amendment 
  Career Coach Performance Document
Grant Reference Guide (Provides timeline information regarding the grant review and approval process.)
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