Prior Learning Assessment



College Credit Awarded through Non-Traditional Means

The Alabama Community College System (ACCS) recognizes that learning occurs in a variety of ways such as employment, training, military, and other experiences which are termed “prior learning.”  College credit can be awarded for prior learning through a systematic review of the student's documented evidence. This is referred to as Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). Think of PLA as a way to save time and money in your quest for a college degree.

Area of Interest Tool and Equipment Questionaires
PLA Guidebook

The guidebook below was developed as a systematic process for college use, and are provided here as a template for developing college processes. It is a guide and not prescriptive. Colleges may use this for informational and planning purposes.

Students considering applying for PLA credit should contact their college of choice for specific information on how to apply for PLA credit.

PLA Specialist Guide

PLA Process Forms
The forms below were developed to aid in the PLA process. They are not required for use by the Department of Postsecondary but may be helpful in making an appropriate determination of a students eligibility for PLA credit. The Microsoft Word documents are provided so that colleges are able to personalize them as necessary.

PLA Form 1 - Application

PLA Form 2 - Evaluation Schedule

PLA Form 3 - Credit Recommendations

Performance Evaluation Tools
These Performance Evaluation Tools were developed from current Plans of Instruction as an aid to assist evaluators in determining the level of skill an applicant has attained. As with all other PLA products, the use of these tools is optional and they can be altered to fit the needs of the college. Please contact the Curriculum and Instruction Unit for development of further evaluation aids.



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