Course Directory Instructions

Course additions and changes

  1. All new or revised courses must be approved by the appropriate department head or division chair, dean, and president at the local college before submitting via email to the Instructional Specialist in the Division of Instructional and Student Services.
  2. Complete and submit the ACCS course submission request form in Microsoft Word ©. Incomplete forms will be returned for additional information.
  3. A final copy (including signatures) must be sent to the Instructional Specialist.
  4. Course proposals will be reviewed by DPE staff, with input from curriculum committees. Once approved, the information will be included in the appropriate course directory.
  5. Colleges may not implement the course until publication of the updated course directory.

Colleges must complete the AGSC/STARS Course Proposal Form to request consideration for inclusion of a course in the Articulation and General Studies Committee (AGSC) database. The request will be reviewed by AGSC. 

Submit all forms to the Instructional Specialist. 

Note: A course can be approved for inclusion on the Alabama Community College System Course Directory without being approved by AGSC/STARS.

Requests for New Instructional Programs, State Board of Education Policy 702.01

  1. A System institution shall submit to the Chancellor a written request and application for any new instructional program.

  2. Upon recommendation from the Chancellor, the State Board of Education shall consider the application for official action. 2.1  After final action of the State Board of Education, the Chancellor shall notify the institution of the Board's action.

  3. When appropriate, the Department will notify external agencies of new instructional programs.

  4. Instructional programs approved under this policy shall undergo periodic program review as defined under State Board of Education Policy 903.01.

  5. Guidelines for this policy shall be established by the Chancellor and include timelines for submission and review, and the post-implementation process and appeal process.

Documents and Forms

Guidelines for program submission
Intent to Submit a New Program 
New Program Request 
Short Certificate addition – New Program
Short Certificate addition – Existing Program