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The mission of the Office of Workforce Development is to provide Alabama an efficient and effective workforce development system responsive to current and future needs of individuals and businesses.

The Alabama Community College System (ACCS) provides a wide range of services to help both job seekers and employers reach their potential. ACCS is the primary deliverer of training services. Job placement and training assistance are available through the Alabama Career Center System. Skills assessment and training programs are available for existing, expanding and new businesses through ATN.


At no time in Alabama's history has workforce development been more important.  Education and skills training are the keys to economic success, individual prosperity, and a great quality of life.

The Alabama Community College System's Office of Workforce Development is dedicated to partnerships that enable the State to provide a wide range of career-technical courses and short-term training for job-specific certifications.

Alabama's workforce development efforts parallel the state's ongoing industry recruitment initiatives as-well-as responding to existing industries that need skills upgrades for expanded markets or process improvement training to make them more profitable or to avoid layoffs.

Alabama has a diversified industrial base that brings with it many quality jobs.  ACCS's objective is to develop and implement training programs that will accommodate all current and future workforce needs.


Jeff Lynn
Senior Executive Director for Workforce and Economic Development

Dr. Jason Hurst
Senior Director of Workforce Development






Ginger Smith
Administrative Assistant



Tara Brown
Workforce Development Associate

Sharon Ingram
Workforce Project Technician





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