State Board of Education

Al Thompson

District 1

Betty Peters
District 2

Stephanie W. Bell
District 3

Ella B. Bell
Vice President 
District 5

Jeff Newman
President Pro Tem.
District 7

Mary Scott Hunter
District 8

The Alabama State Board of Education plays a critical role in the education of millions of children and adults each year. The Board performs the dual role of overseeing the Department of Education's K-12 public schools and the Department of Postsecondary Education's system of community and technical schools, adult education programs and workforce training initiatives. The members of the Alabama State Board of Education serve as trustees for the Alabama Community College System with the Governor serving as chair of the Board by virtue of elected office. The other board members are elected from eight districts. Monthly public work sessions and board meetings are held in Montgomery, and at times, in various districts around the state to discuss and act on the business of the Alabama Community College System.