Private School Licensure Student Complaint Procedures

  • The student must first exhaust the school's complaint/grievance policy
  • The student must submit a written complaint to the System Office,  a complaint may be file by using the complaint form in the quick links section or by clicking the following link,
  • The Compliance Specialist will investigate the complaint within 30 days of receipt
  • After the investigation is complete the school will have 30 days to provide a written response that may or may not contain a resolution
  • The Compliance Specialist will then write a report or letter to the school and student detailing corrective action, if any is necessary, or stating that the school has no violation of polices.
  • If corrective action is needed the school will have 30 days to comply or develop a plan to comply with the corrective action
  • If the school does not comply with the corrective action the school’s Private School License may be suspended or revoked