Calhoun Community College's Summer FastTrack Academy Giving Students a Headstart on College Coursework

Decatur, AL -- For the second consecutive year, Calhoun Community College will host its FastTrack Academy, a free summer bridge program designed to give students a head start on their classes next fall by providing them with the necessary tools to succeed in their college coursework.  

Included among the resources to be provided will be specialized instruction in Math and English, one-on-one advising, college orientation and career counseling.  What’s even more exciting is that students enrolled in the program will have the opportunity to earn free college credit, saving their families close to $1000 in tuition, books, and fees!

The program is targeted to students who are planning to attend Calhoun in the fall, but are currently testing into remedial English and/or math coursework due to their ACT or placement scores.  After the six-week refresher course, students will have the opportunity to test again with the goal of placing into college-level classes. 

Any high school student graduating this spring with plans to attend Calhoun in the 2016 fall semester and meeting the following criteria is eligible to enroll in the Fast Track Academy:  placing into ENR 094, ENG 093, RDG 085, MTH 090, or MTH 098; Scoring 19 or below on the Math or English sections of the ACT; or scoring 14 or below on the Reading section of the ACT

Calhoun’s Fast Track Academy will begin Monday, June 13th and run through Friday, July 29th.   Classes will be held at both the Decatur and Huntsville campuses.   Pre-registration for the Academy is required, and a limited number of spaces are available.  Registration is now open for this summer’s program.  To register, go to

This program was piloted last summer, and the results were outstanding.  The 98 students completing the program, earned a total of 560 credit hours by testing higher at the end of the program and were able to bypass courses they would have taken based on their initial placement scores. Last year’s Fast Track Academy saved students an average of 5.71 credit hours and $822.85 per student!

For more information on the Fast Track Academy at Calhoun, contact Kelli Morris at, call 256-306-2602.