Board Agenda

   May 2008 (05-22-08)

   June 2008 (06-26-08)

   August 2008 (08-28-08)

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   October 2008 (10-09-08)

   October 2008 (10-23-08)

   November 2008 (11-13-08)


Public Comment
“All non-board members wishing to be heard by the Board shall be afforded such opportunity during the portion of the meeting so designated. Such comment shall be kept to no more than three (3) minutes in order that all persons shall have an opportunity to speak. Non-members shall sign up to speak no later than 24 hours before the board meeting and shall note which agenda item or topic the speaker wishes to address. Comments shall be addressed to the Board and shall not include any personal or other comments addressed to any particular member of the Board. There shall be no debate and no action taken by the Board during this portion of the meeting. The Board may, in its discretion, limit the number of persons afforded the right to make public comment or otherwise establish procedures for determining the conduct of the public comment portion of the meeting.”
– from the By-laws of the Alabama Community College System Board of Trustees, adopted May 27, 2015