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I appreciate everyone that could make the meeting this afternoon.We completed the outline for MAT 220 Ė Medical Office Insurance and most of the actual POI.We did not finish developing objectives for module E but I used Module D as a template and put together a draft. Please note that this was being very creative on my part so donít blame anyone else or wonder what they might have been thinking.In other words, please feel free to tear it apart; you canít hurt my feelings.


Since we did not get the POI completed at this meeting we will need to hold another meeting to complete it.I recommend we meet Wednesday, April 18th at 2:15 to work on it.Iíll send out an invitation so if you canít make it just decline the invitation and Iíll see what we need to do.


Those attending todayís meeting were:


Ava Far Ė Drake State

Resa Lord Ė Chattahoochee Valley

Ruby Alford Ė Wallace Dothan

Tracie Fuqua Ė Wallace State Hanceville


Iíve attached the draft POI for your review and posted it to the ACCS Web site.


Dave Laton

Assistant Director for Career/Technical Education

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