To:                                   Medical Assisting Technology - MAT

Cc:                                   Medical Assisting Technology Deans; Amy Brabham

Subject:                          MAT Meeting Notes - 3-14-12

Attachments:                 MAT 216 - Pharmacology.doc; MAT Directory 3-14-12.doc




We had a very productive meeting today.  A special thanks to Debbie Patterson for her work preparing the MAT 216 – Pharmacology POI ahead of time.  This helped Chandrika and I work through the process much quicker.  We adapted the NUR pharmacology course to meet the requirements for medical assistants.  I’ve attached the draft for your review.


We also changed the title of the course to:  “Pharmacology for the Medical Office.”  It used to be called, “Medical Pharmacology for the Medical Office.”  We felt saying medical twice was redundant (not to mention kind of funny sounding since pharmacology is medical…normally).  The directory has been updated.


Our next meeting will be April 4th from 2:15 – 4:00. I’ve sent out a meeting notification for go-to-meeting.  This will be our last POI to develop for the core courses.  When we get these we will be looking at a meeting face-to-face to do a comprehensive review of all the POIs to ensure everything is like we want it before going final.  We’ll discuss the details for that when we meet next.


Those helping today were:


·         Debbie Patterson – Wallace Dothan

·         Chandrika McQueen – Trenholm State


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