To:                                   Health Information Technology SMEs

Cc:                                   Lisa German; Matthew Hughes; Barbara Anne Spears; Amy Brabham

Subject:                          HIT Meeting Notes - 4-19-12

Attachments:                 Course Directory Access.doc




Way to go!  We completed the last of the core POIs today.  Thanks go to Donna Stanley at Wallace Hanceville, Jennifer Moore at Enterprise, and Wendy Watkins at Trenholm.  We were able to work through these in a timely manner because you guys provided excellent materials ahead of time.


Today we completed HIT, 151, 160, and 221.  I’ve posted the POIs to the ACCS web site for your review.  In case you need it I’ve attached instructions on how to locate the directory and POIs on the web page.


We are planning a final review of all POIs on May 11th from 1:00 to 3:00.  I’ll send a go-to-meeting notification for this under a separate e-mail.


This activity is to ensure all areas are covered according to the credentialing agency and the new national curriculum.  Please take time before the meeting to download the POIs and do a preview.


Thanks again for your hard work on this and for making the meetings enjoyable activities.  I’ll have to go through withdrawal pangs once we quit meeting.


Dave Laton

Assistant Director for Career/Technical Education

Careeer & Technical Education and Workforce Development Division

P.O. Box 302130

Montgomery, AL 36130-2130

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