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Subject:††††††††††††††††††††††††† HIT Curriculum Meeting Notes

Attachments:†††††††††††††††† HIT 134 - HIT Legal and Ethical Issues.doc; HIT 110 - Medical Terminology.doc




Great job!We completed the first draft of HIT 110 and 134.I think they look great.Iíve attached them for your review.We plan to meet next on March 22nd from 12:00 to 2:00.Weíll be working on HIT 230 and 232.We will need to be finished before 2:00 due to a scheduling conflict.It helps if we have an outline for the content put together so if you have a chance look at what you cover in these courses and put together a draft outline based on how we constructed the ones for todayís activities.


In the mean time I will be editing the course directory based on the input you provided me at our first meeting.I will try to get this out to everyone in the next day or so in order for you to coordinate these recommendations with your folks at your school.Once I get your approval for the changes Iíll coordinate it with Linda Cater so we can get the directory published and you can put it in your college catalogues.I donít anticipate any problems so it should be done in time.Please know that any deletions to the directory can be put back in if we find someone needs a course that was deleted.Also, you can go through normal processes to get a course added or changed at a later date.Coordinate those changes through your processes and send them to me for handling here at the department.Once I receive the requests I can get it changes quickly.


A special thanks to those attending the meeting today:


Donna Stanley

Wendy Watkins

Jennifer Moore



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