From:                              Dave Laton

Sent:                               Tuesday, September 20, 2011 3:57 PM

To:                                   Ann Wheeler; Bret McGill; Candy Hill; Connie Meloun; Julie Welch; Linda Cater; Lisa German; Martha Lavender; Reitha Cabaniss; Risa Grimme; Sunita Graves; Wendy Sweatt

Cc:                                   Linda Cater

Subject:                          CLT POI 191

Attachments:                 CLT 191 - CLT Immunohematology.doc




I appreciate the folks that helped me put this POI together.  It was a tough one but they hung in there.  I’ve attached the draft for you all to review.  Since several of you could not make the meeting we will discuss any recommendations you have to this POI at our next meeting.


I’ll be sending you a meeting notification for October 18th .  We are getting close to completion on this project.  We mostly lack the Preceptorship courses.  These will not take very long at all to complete. Once we complete them we’ll do a comprehensive review of everything to make sure we have it like you want it.  At that time we’ll go final for publication.


I really enjoy working with you all on this and look forward to our next meetings. 


Thanks again for all you do, especially from a potential patient’s perspective, the professionalism you instill in our students.  As my daughters would say, “You guys rock!”


Dave Laton

Assistant Director for Career/Technical Education

Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education

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